Smart-Tec Tracking

Smart-Tec Tracking, the latest venture-capital backed start-up from Smart-Tec Ventures, is a unique smartphone application designed to help landlords monitor and verify employee, and contractor activities related to assets. One of the first of its kind, the Blackberry and Android App uses NFC technology (adhered to assets) to provide comprehensive reporting to landlords of worker and contractor activity. As part of a monitoring, control, and reporting system, the program positively influences and enhances the productivity and motivation of employees and contractors.

For more information about the Smart-Tec integrated tracking, monitoring and reporting system, please contact us.


Enterprise Messaging

Empowering your group communications with simple technology.
Need to communicate with your group quickly and efficiently? Enterprise Messaging provides the perfect tool. Designed for enterprise-level closed user groups, this text messaging application has your group messaging needs in mind.

Get schedule change notifications to everyone affected. Open a discussion about an upcoming project. Alert an entire group at once about an emergency situation.

No worries about compatibility issues or required apps. This is pure text messaging. It works with any phone, any time, anywhere. Convenient. Reliable. Secure.