June, 2018

Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB)

In the 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan, the government adopted a policy of putting Conservation First before building new energy infrastructure, wherever cost effective. Conservation is the cleanest and most cost-effective energy resource. It also offers households and businesses a way to manage their energy bills and reduces the need to build new energy infrastructure. As a result, the owners of large commercial, multi-unit residential and some industrial buildings greater than or equal to 50,000 square feet (ft2 ) are now required to report their building, energy, water and GHG emission data annually to ENERGY using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager™ (Portfolio Manager).

Energy and water reporting and benchmarking can help building owners:
o Better manage energy and water use and costs
o Identify best practices and energy and water-saving opportunities
o Set and achieve measurable goals
o Evaluate results by comparing to similar facilities across the province
o Measure improvement over time
o Value energy efficient and water efficient buildings

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April 2015

Smart-Tec Energy sold to Powerstream

We are pleased to announce that Smart Tec Energy has entered into a new partnership with Power Stream Energy Services. Effective April 1st, 2015 Power Stream Energy Services will acquire Smart Tec’s commercial water sub metering portfolio. The new arrangement will allow us to provide more value, and enhanced services, to all Smart-Tec customers.

As a combined entity, Powerstream-Smart-Tec will continue to provide the products and services that customers have come to expect from Smart-tec’s customer-focused approach to water sub-metering.


Egidio Schiavone
President, Smart Tec Energy Inc.


Creating a Winning Combination for Our Customers

We are pleased to announce that PowerStream Energy Services has recently completed a Purchase Agreement with Smart Tec Energy, and its principal owner, Egidio Schiavone, to acquire its commercial water sub metering portfolio. This exciting partnership will provide more value and enhanced services to you, our valued customers.

As you know, Egidio and Smart Tec Energy Inc. has a record of success in delivering sub-metering and energy management services.  As an entrepreneurial industry leader, Smart Tec Energy Inc. has a focus on innovation, ease of use, and value creation for the developers, property managers and customers.  The company and its staff are well versed in property management as well as utility metering technologies and are committed to customer relationship management and service.

Proudly municipally owned PowerStream Energy Services Inc. and its parent company, PowerStream Holdings Inc., have a long tradition of providing outstanding products and services within the multi-residential and commercial market.  The PowerStream brand is recognized for its shareholder strength, stability, innovation and commitment to long-term quality service delivery.

The partnership between PowerStream Energy Services and Smart Tec Energy Inc. is an opportunity to continue the tradition of providing cost effective energy management services and solutions. By combining an innovative, customer-focused leader like Smart Tec with an industry leading, trusted utility sub metering provider, developers and property managers can be confident in receiving the finest customer experience.

Smart Tec Energy Inc.’s innovative, entrepreneurial edge combined with PowerStream Energy Services’ utility-based backbone provides powerful solutions in areas such as:

  • Integrated end-to-end services
  • Shared billing platform
  • Customer service delivery
  • Consumption, operational and financial management and reporting

We look forward to serving you as we move forward with this new partnership and delivering you all the benefits that we have outlined in this letter.

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