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Smart-Tec Venture Capital

Venture Captial

We provide venture capital for early-stage, emerging, and emerging growth companies with a novel technology or business model.

Recent Investments

Smart-Tec Tracking, the latest venture-capital backed start-up from Smart-Tec Ventures, is a unique smartphone application for asset tracking.


Whether you are looking for a start-up investment or business advice from experienced business executives, it’s quick and easy to get qualified help.

What we Offer

We invest in new and promising ventures and start-up companies in a number of industries including energy distribution and management services. As a venture capital investment firm, we not only provide investment funds, but also consulting, and mentoring to entrepreneurial start-ups in Canada and the USA.
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About Us

Smart-Tec was founded by Egidio Schiavone; a pioneer in the energy distribution and utility industry. The company provides venture capital, consulting, and mentoring services to early-stage, emerging, and emerging growth companies with novel technologies or business models. We can provide these companies with everything from start-up and expansion capital, to guidance with business strategy, operational systems, and business development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of advice do you give?

Smart Tec would provide an overview of the business plan, financial and cash flow statements.

Do you offer individually tailored investment plans?

Smart Tec team would review your business and growth plan to tailor investment requirements to meet your goals.

What type of investment projects would you consider?

Smart-Tec team  is open to investments in any sector, with primary focus on property management, utility and technology.

Why Choose Us?


We have over 30 years experience providing expert advice.


A young, enthusiastic team of advisers are always here to help.


Our experienced specialists ensure you get the optimum results.

For expert venture capital advice you can trust Smart-Tec

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